Kamay Ni Hesus (Jesus’ Hands) in Lucban | Philippines

Lucban remains to be one of the most popular tourist spots in Quezon, and in this article we bring you to a place called “Kamay ni Hesus” (hands of Jesus), a public park garnished with religious relics and a huge image of Christ that resembles a lot Rio De Janeiro’s infamous statue (minus the bikini clad men and women).

These photos were taken in 2008 and a lot have changed in the place since then. It has become a popular destination for many Filipinos especially during the Holy Week.

They say that the parish priest by the name Fr. Faller has healing abilities so people flock by the numbers to get blessed and hopefully relieved of their illnesses.

The steep stairs itself is said to be a challenge to climb. Those who have sinned more will find it difficult to reach the top (good thing I’m physically fit so no sweat for me).









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