Selected Photos for a Friend’s Wall

Re-posting the selected photos I took for a good friend. It all started from our FB chat, meant to be a joke of how I wanted to sell my photos in the market, and then my friend thought about framing the photos and giving them as give away items. I said well that’s a brilliant idea.

The sad reality about amateur/freelance photographers is that we are never paid well in this crafty profession. There are so many other photographers, arguably better than we are. But the amount of effort and time we spend on these photo shoots remain equally the same in principle- we capture stills, deliver memories in soft or hard files.

Allan Abdula, Canon EOS1100D, Desert Nights Camp

Allan Abdula, Canon EOS1100D, Turtle Beach Resortl

Allan Yasser Abdula, Canon EOS 1100D,  Muttrah Souq_Edit

Allan Yasser Abdula, Canon EOS1100D, Old King's Palace Muttrah-Edit



IMG_5724 (1)





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