UP Diliman Popular Attractions | Philippines

I graduated from UP Diliman in 2010, and it is a shame that I have not taken much photos of my alma matter. Although in retrospect, there were random days that I go around the campus and start shooting things.

So what indeed are the icons of UP Diliman-
1 – The Oblation statue
2 – The Ikot/Toki jeepneys
3 – The December Oblation Run
4 – The Lantern Parades
5 – Mang Jerry’s isawan
6 – SC or Shopping Center/Student Center
7 – The UP Chapel
8 – Sunken Garden
9 – Fishball / Isaw / Hotdog / Footlong
10 – Kule
11 – ACLE
12 – UP Fair
… and many others

You, what are your good memories of UP?



Who was the real Oblation model?

No, it’s not Fernando Poe Sr. as most people likely believe. Although it’s not clear exactly how and why such myth started, university literature always points to not only one but two candidates as the real Oblation models.

According to the book written by the late UP Diliman College of Fine Arts (UPD CFA) Prof. Rodolfo Paras-Perez, the Oblation was created by Tolentino based on the physique of his student assistant, Anastacio Caedo, and the proportion of his brother-in-law, Virgilio Raymundo.

A former student of Caedo, UP Open University (UPOU) Chancellor Grace Javier Alfonso, attested the truth of this story by claiming Caedo himself once declared that he was indeed the Oblation model.

 Source: University of the Philippines System Website


On the photo: National Artist Guillermo Tolentino (center) with Esteban Caedo (left) and Prof. Anastacio Caedo (right).




UP Oblation (Frontal Shot)


Campus jeepneys (this one’s bound to Philcoa-UP Campus)


UP Oblation Hail 100 Men (circa 2008), in celebration of the University’s centenary

Mang Jerrys

Mang Jerry’s Isawan (new location beside UP Chapel)


Jogging lane (back of the Main Library)


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