Tamron 4-in-1 Photo Kwento Contest


Photo from When In Manila

Okay, for those not familiar with Tamron- it is a high end brand of DSLR lenses and albeit pricey, the lenses deliver quality images.

Just found out today that they have a photo contest running until December 6th. All you have to do is follow their guidelines in this website:


To wit, you need to come up with a collage that tells a compelling story, broken into a macro, portrait, telezoom and wide angle.

Now I am going over my best shots and deciding which ones to include in my entry. The problem is not the absence of images, but quite the opposite. There is a plethora of photos that I can string into one collage, but what I am having difficulty is making a story that will give me an edge.

I have a few days left so maybe soon I’ll find one. Fingers crossed.



One thought on “Tamron 4-in-1 Photo Kwento Contest

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