Calixto Cafe and Restaurant in Lucena | Philippines

Remember the Zaballero Mansion? Well, the ancestral house has been converted into a restaurant.

Yes, the scary structure is not an image of a horror house anymore, but has been turned into a restaurant that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to the 1900s, what with all the capiz window and shiny wooden floor.

It is a breath of fresh air for the locals and visitors and I think the place has so much potential, if only the investors have considered the following:

First : The interior should have followed a clear and uniformed theme. You want to make the place look traditional or antique-ish, then better stick to it. I do not understand why there’s a modern TV on the reception and why are the lanterns made up of plastic when they can be capiz? And how about the electric fans when they can be ceiling fans like the ones in old houses.

Second : The front yard could have been a really nice outside seating with, let’s say a nipa house for instance or any other furniture of native material.

Third : The lighting is so dim and gloomy. It makes the diners feel sad to eat in the place. This seriously has to be re-designed.

Fourth : The place feels so empty without the proper accessories. Lamps, wooden rest chairs, etc. It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Fifth : Please use better music fit for the place. I do not think that Sexbomb Dancers’s song exactly match the atmosphere.








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