Tips and Cups Coffee Shop in Lucena | Philippines

The cafe business is a tough one to crack. It requires a combination of several key elements such as the right blend, interiors, and location. It’s a do or die sort of business and only the experienced coffee blenders would know how to prepare the right mix. Get something wrong and you can kiss your cafe business dream goodbye. But do it right and the news quickly flies out and customers will flock like migrant birds seeking for the best haven- in this case, a coffee shop.

In Lucena City, one can easily notice that coffee shops have sprouted for the last decade or so. But I dare say that it is quite difficult to spot a cafe that would please an experienced coffee drinker.

But how do you exactly please a coffee client? Well, there will be several criteria but it is best to bear in mind that customers drink coffee not just to get a fix of their caffeine dose, but also to sit and talk. Thus, an intimate place that offers that cozy ambiance is of utmost necessity. Key element here is peace and quiet, away from the bustle of the city.

Tips and Cups

Tips and Cups, a (rather) quaint cafe in the middle of the city may not look as nice from the outside. But once you get in, you will find the decors and interiors are very well thought of. That’s the good point about this place. But more importantly is the coffee that they serve. One will be delighted to know that they serve a variety of coffee blends (hot and cold) at affordable rates. The ambiance and coffee are very much worth every cent you spend.

Plus, their barista Richard is very kind and all smiles to their clients. It really adds personal touch to the cafe and this is very much appreciated by everyone.

The only thing one may have  wished is that they could have improved on the location, but given the circumstance in Lucena City there ain’t much they can do about it. Lucena City proper is a small city and a good location is already a challenge.

The area inside can fit three round tables and a long table attached to that mirrored wall. On busy days, I think this would be crowded. Perhaps in the future they will have to expand somehow.

Overall, this cafe is by far the best one in the city and recommended for small groups.

You may visit their Facebook Page at:

“Overall, this cafe is by far the best one in the city…..”

Posted by Tips and Cups Nail Spa and Coffee Shop on Thursday, November 26, 2015









Photo op with Richard, the barista



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