Manila During WW2 | Philippines

Manila used to be the so-called “Venice of the East”, “Queen of the Pacific”, and “Pearl of the Orient.”

Less is remembered in the West about the devastating engagement of World War II. Between Feb. 3 and March 3, 1945, the United States set about wresting control of Manila from the Japanese. It involved grinding, urban street battles and withering American artillery bombardments. In the process, a beautiful, elegant metropolis — dubbed the “Pearl of the Orient” — was laid to waste. Some 100,000 Filipino civilians died amid the fighting.





11231908_119873135012598_8019713755741000634_n (1)

This is now the United Nations Avenue. Isaac Peral Street was considered then as the most beautiful street in the City of Manila. 


2 thoughts on “Manila During WW2 | Philippines

    • @vinneve couldn’t agree more with you… wars bring nothing but destruction and chaos. Such as the nature of mankind. It feels good to look back once in a while and imagine the many what-if’s, and how the world would be better if we only learned to share and care genuinely.

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