Bohol Divers Resort in Panglao | Philippines

I still remember that fateful day, when in 2010 I compulsively bought a Cebu Pacific ticket going to anywhere. I ended up in Tagbilaran, and I didn’t know that Bohol is in Tagbilaran. All I knew was that I have purchased a one way ticket.

As a backpacker, my instinct pushed me to prepare for the essentials- map, money and a few items of clothing. That was pretty much it. There’s something exciting about the idea of getting lost; of getting out of your comfort zone to test until where you will survive. Luckily my trip did not end in vain.

The long and short of it, I found myself ordering a cup of cappuccino in a small cafe, clueless on where to stay for the night. Until this kind man pointed me to Bohol Divers. He even arranged to have me picked from where I was. That was a personal encounter to people genuine kindness. So that’s the little story behind Bohol Divers.









Some quick details about Bohol Divers

Accommodation: The resort offers budget and high end rooms for their guests. They have huts that cost from 500 PhP/night to bungalows from 2,000 PhP/night. The huts are complete with the amenities, albeit small. So if you don’t mind crashing into a smaller space, then huts are fine.

Tips: To maximize your time, rent a motorcycle that costs from 800 to 1000. Depends on how you haggle with the bike owners. But remember that these people depend highly from this trade, so I advise not to haggle too low. Consider your payment as help to the locals who are very kind and helpful.

You will also meet boat riders who will offer you dolphin watching or island hopping. They require however groups, with minimum 3 pax, costs around 800 per person.

Bohol Divers Resort

Bohol Divers Resort is situated along the beautiful white sand stretch of Alona Beach. Bohol Divers Resort is a true divers’ delight, with its own dive shop offering a multitude of dive courses lined up for guests to engage in. The resort also takes pride in its two swimming pools, restaurant, beach bar, outdoor game facilities, massage services and WiFi Internet Access.

Address: Alona Beach Rd, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines
Phone:+63 38 502 9047




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