Impressions of Bohol | Philippines

Approximately 1 million people live in Bohol, about 100.000 of them in the capital city of Tagbilaran. Bohol (the main island) has a coastline of 330 km and an area of 3800 square kilometres and is the tenth largest of over 7000 islands of the Philippines

Panglao Island is the largest neighbour and connected with two bridges to Bohol. Distance from airport in Tagbilaran City to the famous Alona Beach on Panglao Island is 25 km only.

Below is a little video I made during my visit to Bohol. (Background story is that I was eating dinner and a local approached me and asked if I would be interested with a day trip so I said, yeah why not. It was also my last day in Bohol before I sailed to Cebu. I promised to help the kind chaffeur who toured me, so please at the end of the video you will find the contact number of my chaffeur. Get in touch with him for any day trips. This will help his family.)











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